From Luxurious Japanese Teas to Detoxing Blends, How to Drink the Perfect Tea

Winter is in full swing—and the current climate makes enjoying a good cup of tea less about leisure and more about feeling warm and healthy. When it comes to capitalizing on the luxury of a relaxing premium tea, few have mastered the art.

Silence is an all-too-precious necessity for a truly restorative experience. A good cup of premium tea is a total luxury that happens in the morning or at night when the house is quiet. For such moments, take a nice cup or even a champagne glass and your favourite CHAMING TEA, for example the EXOTISCHER SICHUAN with an exotic and escapist fragrance inspired by the vivid culture in the south of China. It's really hydrating and reminds you of Asia in the Summer, particularly when it's freezing outside. If you’re looking to soothe headaches or stress try a good WHITE TEA. It really does draw out the toxins and helps relieve your soul.

Teas are the ultimate relaxing treat. Drink it in the morning and you will feel energized and alive within minutes. Dim lighting, very good jazz and a good book are a plus for a wonderful tea experience at night. It only takes you some fifteen minutes to relax.

 After all, what better way to relax in a healthy and beautiful way?

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