3 CHAMING TEA staffers On Tea For A Sunday Afternoon

Sundays are synonymous with lie-ins, breakfast in bed and a lot of self-care. For some, that means making the time for a long country walk; for others it means staying in with a nice cup of tea. Whatever the day entails, one thing’s for certain: it’s all about you. Here, three CHAMING TEA staffers share their favourite tea to feel good on any Sunday afternoon.

Alexander, Tea Sommelier

Some people's self-care Sundays involve yoga, meditation, or sports. My own preferred self-care techniques tend to revolve around relaxing; drinking tea with other people, enjoying it alone or with my girlfriend, and reading a good book. My favourite tea is the TAIPEH AZUR.

 Taipeh Azur Tea


Julia, Social Media Manager

Shanghai Yasmin Tea
Sundays are when I clean, tidy, and call my mom and dad or my brother. It's also when my housemates and I do a dinner for all of our friends, which involves lots of kitchen prep followed by a nice cup of tea. Mostly we tend to brew a nice SHANGHAI YASMIN. It’s easy to brew for everybody in the handy sachets.


Simone, Founder and CEO

I am so completely obsessed with drinking two different teas for breakfast on weekends. It is a real good occasion for trying out new harvests and flavours. Comparing them in a breakfast situation makes me feel connected to our customers. Perfect. My favourite tea is our delicious FRÜHLING IN KYOTO from Japan.

 Fruehling In Kyoto Tea

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